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Suburb Street Name Type
Te Aro     18 Cambridge Terrace Afrika B    
Te Aro     31 Courtenay Place Ancestral B    
Te Aro     25 Allen Street Apartment B    
Te Aro     63 Courtenay Place Bangalore Polo Club P    
Te Aro     32 Blair Street Bettys B    
Te Aro   101 Ghuznee Street Bodega B    
Te Aro     20 Blair Street Boston on Blair C    
Te Aro     22 Allen Street Cavern Club B    
Te Aro     14 Courtenay Place Establishment     [View Function Room] C    
Te Aro     24 Courtenay Place Famous Nightclub C    
Te Aro     14 Bond Street Fork and Brewer P    
Te Aro       7 Dixon Street Four Kings B    
Te Aro     26 Allen Street Fringe Bar B    
Te Aro   126 Cuba Street Good Luck B    
Te Aro     25 Taranaki Street Hashigozake B    
Te Aro     32 Wigan Street Havana B    
Te Aro     82 Tory Street Hawthorn Lounge B    
Te Aro     31 Dixon Street Hope Bros. B    
Te Aro   131 Cuba Street Hotel Bristol P    
Te Aro     22 Courtenay Place Hummingbird B    
Te Aro   119 Cuba Street J.J. Murphy & Co P    
Te Aro     49 Cuba Street James Smith Corner Basement C    
Te Aro     28 Courtenay Place Kitty O'Shea's P    
Te Aro   240 Cuba Street Laundry B    
Te Aro     53 Courtenay Place Library B    
Te Aro       6 Edward Street Little Beer Quarter P    
Te Aro     48 Courtenay Place Malthouse P    
Te Aro   106 Cuba Street Matterhorn B    
Te Aro     36 Courtenay Place Mishmosh C    
Te Aro   134 Courtenay Place Molly Malones P    
Te Aro   118 Tory Street Puppies B    
Te Aro     18 Garrett Street Rogue & Vagabond P    
Te Aro   171 Cuba Street San Francisco Bath House B    
Te Aro     39 Abel Smith Street Southern Cross Garden Bar B    
Te Aro       2 Courtenay Place Tasting Room B    
Te Aro     80 Cuba Street Understudy B    
Te Aro     10 Cambridge Terrace Welsh Dragon Bar P    

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