Princes Wharf
137 Quay Street
Auckland Central
Tel. 377 0040

Venue type: Bar

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Partystar Review

Lenin is surely one of the jewels of Princes Wharf, a large main room with glass panelled windows giving a fantastic view, and a lively bar where the action centres around. The style here is often very social, if not slightly frantic. Initial impressions are certainly of a huge 'main room' style affair, with a good visibility factor of being able to see what's going on in all corners of the room. The feel is pleasantly upmarket without the attached price tag, and indeed everyone will feel welcome.

Our tip: One main circular bar caters for all, and it's there we recommend to secure your spot, in order to fully appreciate Lenin.

Julie Whiting

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Second venue photo of Lenin

Lenin   /   Link to this page:   https://www.partystar.co.nz/venue/21191/

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