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Suburb Street Name Type
Parnell     46 Parnell Road 46 & York B Reviewed  
Parnell   207 Parnell Road Farside B Reviewed  
Parnell     99 Parnell Road Mink Cafe P    
Parnell   259 Parnell Road Non Solo Pizza B    
Parnell   117 Saint Georges Bay Road Paddington B  
Parnell   196 Parnell Road Parnell Bar & Grill B    
Parnell   311 Parnell Road Shanghai Lil's BC    
Parnell       2 Stanley Street Strand Tavern P Reviewed  
Parnell       8 George Street Tribeca B    
Parnell   144 Parnell Road Windsor Castle P    

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