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Coyote Ugly is a great entertainment bar on Customs St, which offers something for everyone. Guys get to see gorgeous young females dancing hard on the bars and tables. Women get the pleasure of watching the men getting saturated when asking for water! The clientele is completely varied, from suits to jeans and jandals. There is no dress code here, you just turn up as you please. The DJ plays a range of music depending on who is in the bar, usually starting the night with a country theme, getting into some heavy rock (if the punters call for it), hip hop (if there are a few hoods in da house) and, of course, your generic pop numbers (from the 80's, 90's and naughty's... VERY naughty!)
The girls that work there are fun and friendly... and more than a little talented with their cocktail flaring and bar antics. They sing, dance, breathe fire, flare drinks with precision AND look good all at the same time! How they do it? I have no idea! The bar itself is quite small, intimate some might say, but with adequate floor room for dancing, and if there is no room on the floor, just get on the tables, not only is it allowed, but ACTIVELY ENCOURAGED!!
The theme of the decor is very much "country" with swinging saloon doors greeting you at the entrance. The lighting at Coyote ugly is also worthy of special mention. For the choreographed performances, they use special lighting to enhance the shows. When the place is pumping, they bring out the intense lighting.
Water shows, fire dancers, break dancing, singing, engaging the stags on the bar and introducing them to whipped cream (as they never new it) are but a few of the amazing things you can witness at this unique bar!!
Definitely worthy of popping your head in the door, if you dare!

Marcia Walker, Parnell

Readers' Reviews

Review: Great nightclub! You can go in and have a good time even if you're not there to see the girls. I was expecting to walk into a sleazy bar with old men sitting around. But its defintely NOT what you'd expect a strip club to be like. Its like being in a futuristic bar- there are mirrors, crazy lights, glass tables...They have a huge selection of drinks. The music is great and makes you feel like you're in a nightclub! There were guy and girl customers in there. Staff and dancers are beautiful girls and really friendly and classy. I saw a girl on stage dancing with water pouring down on her from the ceiling on the stage- it was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen. Definitly somewere you'd have to check out.

Vincent, Auckland City

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