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Readers' Reviews

O'Carroll's is definitely one of the best Irish pubs I've been!
There is excellent live music several times a week, a brilliant, fun, interactive quiz night, and the food is awesome.
The bar staff are friendly, fun and make you feel welcome - well I was anyway, and became well known there.

Blinky, England

Readers' Reviews

Of all the Irish "themed" bars in all the world, this is the nearest you will get, as far I am concerned, to an authentic Irish bar outside Ireland. Being a connoisseur of many a bar and quite the international traveler, I have been in many an Irish bar. The staff in the bar are actually Irish for a start including the traditional red haired Paddy with the jolly laugh and short temper, and a couple of Irish girls too. Most of the custom is derived from Irish immigrants and Irish tourists who like the flies to the proverbial swarm straight of the boat. The bar is a good size and is always busy but not too busy and is located right in the middle of town. All in all, a great bar. And it gets crazy on a Friday night when the staff are worse than the customers

Juan Sanchez

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